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What is a #StrawBassador?

Molly is on a mission to spread the Straw No More message, and to do this, she wants to deploy an army of anti-plastic straw soldiers across the country and across the globe.

So what is a StrawBassador?  StrawBassadors are young kids who love the planet.  They are brave enough to speak up when they see something that isn’t right.  They are kids that have decided the planet has had enough plastic pollution.  They are young people just like you!

StrawBassadors will be sent into the field to start conversations in their local areas – It might be with cafes and pubs, or schools, the media and even your local council.  And of course, we will be here at StrawNoMoreHQ, providing plenty of backup and advice.

Strawbassadors (and their parents) are equipped with resources, fact sheets and posters to help you in your mission.  They will be guided on using social media and the #StrawNoMore branding that has become trusted and recognisable across the world.  They’ll be able to call on the expertise and guidance we’ve been developing since 2017 to approach organisations in their local area to educate people on the harms of single-use plastic.

Do you want to be a StrawBassador in your town?

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